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Acorn's Just In Time (J.I.T.) delivery program allows us to produce and hold custom packaging products in our warehouse until our customer has the need for product to be delivered to its location.

Benefits of the J.I.T. Program

Customers can minimize their inventory investment in custom products by paying for products only upon delivery.

Acorn keeps up to 60 days of product (based on customer supplied usage information) on its floor, so our inventory protects our customers against a sudden, unexpected increase in demand for packaging products. This protects against a disruption in a customers business operations.

The J.I.T. program allows Acorn and the customer to participate in joint planning so the Acorn sales representative and sales management team can gain a more intimate knowledge of your business. The more the Acorn team understands your business, the better input we can provide to help lower your overall cost of procurement.

The program allows our customers to save space by storing a limited amount of product at their location at any one time.

Contact your Acorn Sales Representative for more details of the J.I.T. stocking program.

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