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Acorn Paper offers a broad range of workplace safety products. Below is a list of safety products that are available.


Safety Signs

Acorn offers the following signs: pop-up safety cones, folding floor signs, and over-the-spill pads which cover and absorb spills. Signs are in English and Spanish to make sure that safety is being observed. Acorn also offers signs which meet the Americans With Disabilities Act which are for restrooms. These signs come in raised graphics and Braille for the blind.

Spill Absorbents

These absorbents are for the sanitary disposal of vomit, blood, and other liquids. Simply sprinkle granular absorbent onto spills, then sweep.


Fire Extinguishers

ProLine Tri Class dry chemical fire extinguishers are highly effective protection against all three common cases of fires. These extinguishers are rechargeable and easy to service, and they fit all standing cabinets. The mounting brackets are included.

Safety Tapes

We offer safety tape from the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Rubbermaid, 3M, Kimberly Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and more. Acorn Paper offers the following: caution stripe tape, safety walk tread rolls, and general purpose tread rolls. Tape helps prevent slips and falls in heavy-traffic work areas such as ramps, walkways, and loading docks, and resists most common solvents.

Protection Apparel

Full body protection is offered with Kleenguard Protection Apparel. Acorn offers these garments, which provide liquid & particle protection, splash protection, and bloodborne pathogen & chemical splash protection. Attached and detached hoods and foot covers are also available.

First Aid


first aid-resize

We offer a full assortment of first aid kits from 25 person first aid kits to 50 person first aid kits.


For more information on Safety Supplies or for a quote, please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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